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markerShape, PlotArea border and disable Palette questions


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1. Is there a way to define and set custom marker shapes (i.e 'a hollow circle') ?

 2. I also am looking for a way to set the border around the plot area to solid black.  Currently it appears to be using the minor grid line color.

3. How can I create an all white chart with no palette? The default palette has a blue top after I set the background color to white.



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1. There is a sample that ships with the product, called custom marker and its under "visual attributes". Basically:

  chart1.getAllSeries().setMarkerShape(MarkerShape.PICTURE);   chart1.getAllSeries().setMarkerSize((short)8);   chart1.getLegendBox().setVisible(true);

javax.swing.ImageIcon ico = new javax.swing.ImageIcon(application.getRealPath("/") + "/data/workstation2.png");   java.awt.Image img = ico.getImage();   chart1.getSeries().get(0).setPicture(img);

2. Try setting the color of both axis lines


3. Set the background to a solid color, not a gradient color.

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 Thanks Andreg,

 Your suggestion to set the color of both axis lines worked great for question 2!

 For question 3, I set the backgound color by calling: chart1.setBackground(new SolidBackground(Color.WHITE)) and that worked great!

For question 1, I prefer not to use a picture shape. I found the following description in the API for the SeriesAttribute class and setMarkerFont method:

" You can extend the point types available by setting the PointAttributes.setMarkerShape(com.softwarefx.chartfx.server.MarkerShape)
to an integer representing the negative ASCII code from any font. By
default, Chart FX uses the Wingdings font table to handle additional
point types"

I tried doing this in several ways with no success last week. I tried setting the enum value to -79, as well asll trying to cast an Integer object as a MarkerShape to this method. Is this functionality available? Are there any examples?

 Thanks again,


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