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Axis step size and zooming

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I'm using ChartFx to display a gantt chart. The hozizontal (Y) axis displays

time. The step property is set in code so that major grid lines are drawn at

sensible intervals (for example every hour).

The user can zoom-in the chart so much that the equivalent width of the step

in pixels (an hour say) is greater than the width of the chart on the

screen. When this occurs, the grid lines are not drawn as they are wider

than the chart. The problem is then that there are no labels, so the user

feels lost.

What are the options for adjusting the step size in response to zooming? How

do I find out when a zoom has occured, and the zoom extent?

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If the step is left auto, the it will adjust when you zoom. If it is set by

you, it will remain untouched.

You can use the Mouse Events in conjunction with the Zoom property to

determine when a Zoom is made and then use GetScrollView (axis object) to

find out the range and re-calculate your step based on it.



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