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Cpk Value not displayed


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Hi there, I'm running a histogram and adding data from a user via textbox, I can display the Sigma, Variance values, Std error, Mean values but when adding the Cpk & Cp to analysus to the legend only the text apperars (Cpk) not the values. Any ideas why this is the case? Thanks in advance for your help.

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I'm having the same problem too. I can set the values manually via cpk.value, but I don't want to calculate them manually when everything [mean, stddev, sigmas] else works automatically.

cpk, cp, ppk, and pp just display on the legend without a value. :(

What's worse is I can't calculate them via (mean.value + sigma3.value *3) because in my page load event the value does not exist.


Dim sigma3 As StudyStripe = stat.Studies.Add(Analysis.Sigma3)

sigma3.Visible = False

sigma3.Color = Color.LightGray

sigma3.value //returns nothing!

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I'm looking to get the cpk, cp, ppk, and pp to show the correct values in the chart legend. Below is my attempt. Please help.

Thank you,

Steve S.


///abbreviated aspx page


///abbreviated aspx.vb page

stat.Chart = cfxDetailed

stat.SelectedSeries = 0

stat.IgnoredSeries = New Integer() {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7}

Dim mean As StudyConstant = stat.Studies.Add(Analysis.Mean)

mean.Visible = False

mean.Color = Color.Red

mean.LineWidth = 2

sigma1 = stat.Studies.Add(Analysis.Sigma1)

sigma1.Visible = False

sigma1.Color = Color.LawnGreen

stat.Calculators(0).Sigma = sigma1.Value

stat.Calculators(0).Lsl = mean.value - (3 * sigma.value) /////sigma.value is returning nothing! PROBLEM

stat.Calculators(0).Usl = mean.value + (3 * sigma.value)

Dim cpK As Study = CType(stat.Studies.AddTitle("Cpk"), StudyCustom)

cpK.Bold = False

cpK.Indented = True

Dim cpkVal As Double = stat.Calculators(0).Get(Analysis.Cpk)

cpK.Value = Convert.ToDouble(cpkVal.ToString("0.000000000"))

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