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set Border of 2D pie chart?

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You don't need to set per point attributes. To get internal borders you need

to turn on the ChartType.InternalBorder flag. Also note that this flag is

honored in other chart types (e.g. in an area chart it means vertical lines

are drawn in all points).

chart1.Gallery = Gallery.Pie;

chart1.Border = true;

chart1.Chart3D = false;

chart1.TypeMask |= ChartType.InternalBorder;

// Uncomment these lines to get a black border around all slices

chart1.BorderColor = Color.Black;

chart1.BorderEffect = BorderEffect.None;




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"Jason Xu" <jason@riginc.com> wrote in message


> Hello,

> Anyone can help me on setting borders between points in 2D pie chart?


> I tried to use


> Chart.Point[i].Border = true;

> Chart.Point[i].BorderEffect = BorderEffect.None;

> Chart.Point[i].BorderColor = Color.Black;

> Chart.Point[i].LineWidth = 2;


> but only the outside border was set.

> Any thoughts?


> Thanks,


> Jason



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