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Removing the 0 from X - Axis

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Hello All,

I am using Chart FX Client server 6.2 in Visula Studio 6.2. When I Plot a Lines graph. My X - Axis plot starts at 0. I do not wnat it to start at 0. I wnat it to start at the number I enter. I tried SetFirstLabel and SetForceZero methods. But it does no have any effect on the graph. I create the control at runtime using CreateControl method.


Is there any way to start the graph from X-Axis , Y- Axis intersection.


With Regards


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Hi Partha,

If you want your X Axis to start at a specific number (not zero) you just need to use the Axis.Min property, which defines the minimum value of a selected axis.


To set the Min value of the primary Y axis to 10:

Chart1.AxisX.Min = 10


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