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Remove Value/XValue from DataEditor

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Hello, i have a Problem.

How can i delete/remove one Point in the DataEditor?

I added the Points with the Event "oDataTable_RowChanged"

> Private Sub oDataTable_RowChanged(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As


> With ChartWerte

> .OpenData(COD.Values, COD.Unchange, COD.Unchange)

> .OpenData(COD.XValues, COD.Unchange, COD.Unchange)

> .Value(0, oDataGrid.CurrentRowIndex) =


> .XValue(0, oDataGrid.CurrentRowIndex) =

Convert.ToDouble(e.Row.Item(0)) / Convert.ToDouble(txtBoxSteps.Text.Trim)

> .CloseData(COD.XValues)

> .CloseData(COD.Values)

> .RecalcScale()

> End With

> End Sub

When i delete a row from the DataTable, then i will delete the point from

the Chart (DataEditor), too. How can I do this?

> Private Sub btnDeleteRow_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As

System.EventArgs) Handles btnDeleteRow.Click

> If oDataGrid.CurrentRowIndex() >= 0 Then


> End If

> End Sub

Thanks for the help,

Markus Kircher

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