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The scrollbar doesn't get scrolled to the end of the chart after form resizing

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Hi All,

We're using ChartFX Client Server in .Net for drawing of real-time

charts. One of the requirements that we have is the showing of charts

scrolled to the very end. In a case when a new point is added to a chart we

accomplish this by using corresponding flags in CloseDataEx. However, we

have a problem doing this when a form containing the chart is being resized.

Sometimes, after the resizing, a scrollbar pointer turns out to be not at

the end of the scrollbar. We'd like to fix this by intercepting of OnResize

event of the form. Here is a code snippet from OnResize() handler:

axChartFX1.Scroll ( (ChartfxLib.CfxScroll)7, 0 );

Unfortunately, upon this call the scrollbar doesn't get scrolled to the end

of the chart.

Maybe we should insert this call in PrePaint or PostPaint handlers?

Any suggestions on how we get the chart scrolled to the end all the time?

Help on this matter is greatly appreciated.

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