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How to use the %v<n> format property for Tooltips


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Hi All,

I am trying to use this tooltip format: %v<n>

According to documentation %v<n> is "v <n> For types that require more than one series, these are
replaced by the value of each one. (n represents an index)."

I have two series rendered on  a statistical chart, 'avg.value' & 'slota.value' . I have set the Tooltip format for the chart as

Chart.TooltipFormat = "%v0 - %v1";

I was hoping to get the value for both the series at a given data point in the tooltip, but I am getting the consecutive value of the same series.

Please see the screen shot, I have the obtained results in red, the expected results are marked in green.


Can anybody please explain with an example how this formatter works.

Any help would be great.









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 That format is used in galleries like bubble and OHLC, where each plot takes more than one series. In your chart, each curve is one series, not multiple.

Try changing the text on the tooltip on the GetTip event, something like this:

void chart1_GetTip(object sender, GetTipEventArgs e)   {   if (e.Point >= 0)   {   e.Text = chart1.Data[0, e.Point].ToString() + " - " + chart1.Data[1, e.Point].ToString();   }   }

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