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Bad time response in refresh?

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when we try to manage 8 series of about 6000 samples, we get  very long time

responses, for instance when we try to add annotations objects.

It seems when we call the "refresh" function of the annotation, the chart is

also refreshed (a spy function in the pre-paint method of the chart shows it


for our end-users, it is very heavy to handle.

Do you have a solution to speed up this?

The target machine is : P4 2GHz / 512 MRAM

ChartFx : last build from internet.

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When you refresh an annotation object the chart needs to be refreshed as

well so that the background of the annotation object is "cleared".

There are many setting that will improve the performance of the chart


Check out the section: Performance & Scalability in the Resource Center.

(Internet Features Section) for tips on improving your performance, also

look for performance in our KB, you will find some helpful articles there as




Software FX, Inc.

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