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  1. Dear IGSFX, Thanks for your suggestion. It run OK now Thank you very much
  2. Dear IGSFX, I have just tried run it in command prompt as an administrator with /N parameter. But it still throw this error message. Do you have any more idea? Thanks
  3. Dear support team, I met a problem when install ChartFX7 on windows Server 2008 R2 standard. It throw an error message "A referral was returned from server" after I double click on setup file. Please help me resolve this problem Thanks!
  4. Hi all, I met problem when I virtualized our server. The license of Chart FX7 is lost and it throw an error message like picture below How do I fix it? Could I use the license physical server for virtual server? Thanks a lot!
  5. Dear all, I met a problem when we virtualized a server. The license of chart FX7 is lost and throw an error message Invalid Computer (10040000). How do I fix this problem? Could I using license of physical Server for my virtual server? Thanks
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