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  1. I am not seeing how to do a MDX query against cube and bring into chart.using the GUI it seems to want the data in columns instead of a single row.I included an image of my data as MDX query run in sql server Analysisthe way it comes out is a date is each column and the data is in 1 row of that dataset. (my image actually has 2 rows of data - which would be 2 series lines in my old chart system)do I need to rewrite my querys into a regular sql call that puts the data down into static columns with the date in column and then data in column? 


  2. <asp:SqlDataSource ID="SqlDataSource2" runat="server"         ConnectionString="<%$ ConnectionStrings:ConnectionStringOLAP %>"         ProviderName="<%$ ConnectionStrings:ConnectionStringOLAP.ProviderName %>"         SelectCommand="

    ok I fixed my vs toolbar and dragged a chart onto page. it asked to replace the dll's and after that was done I now can get to the GUI of the chart in design mode.I added the olap connection and it was like this above ^ 

  3. please someone just give me the chartfx tag for the provider of olap connection so I can set my datasourceid to it.in my visual studio In design mode it says it has an issue with the chartfx tag so I cannot use the GUI to add the provider.just view source of your page and give me a sample datasource provider tag

  4. I installed trial fx but there is no toolbar items to drop onto page in vs 2010.I put a chartfx register on page and the tag manually but in design mode it shows "error creating control"plus it isn't in the toolbars.even in samples I downloaded it shows same error creating controldo I need to install this somehow into visual studio? 

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