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  1. Can I get an SSRS version trial extension for both 32-bit and 64-bit ? I still haven't successfully installed ChartFX. Thanks. Alan
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    Sorry about Subject. Should be Can't choose datasource - Object reference not set.
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    Hi, Per Incident 170344, I edited config files manually and made sure all .dlls in proper folders. That cured error in that Incident, but still have a mew issue. New Issue: 1. When I drag ChartFX control to design surface, chart has message inside - Invalid ChartFX Lincense 3100000. 2. When I try to add datasource in ChartFX's Chart Tasks dialog, the datasource dropdown is empty. 3. When I try to add datasource in VS chart properties, I get error dialog 'Object reference not set to instance of object'. 4. I've included my config files and screen shots. Thanks. Alan Config Files.zip
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