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  1. Thanks! This is exactly what I am looking for. Have a nice day =)
  2. Hello there, Can I add multiple Y-Axis in a chart? A sample would be great. Thanks!
  3. Please see attachment what I am looking for.
  4. We are having problems with setting the RightToLeft property on ChartFx charts. For Arabic and other bi-directional languages all Windows controls have to be mirrored (flipped horizontally), including charts. All other controls provide ability for that through the RightToLeft property. But if we set RightToLeft property on ChartFx chart object nothing happens. Is there anything else we need to do to in order to make ChartFx charts look correct on these platforms?
  5. Hello, Im trying to perform a Copy to Clipboard (as a Bitmap) in my C++ program without having to use the toolbar. Im using my own toolbar, and I've tried the Export function but it does not appear to do anything. m_chartPtr->Export(Cfx62::FileFormat_Bitmap, NULL); Am I missing something? Thanks.
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