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  1. Dear Chartfx, Here we are facing an point label overlapping issue in pie chart in Chart fx. Here adjcent points are overlapping with each point. Here 2nd point level value are wrapped in 2 two line due to large text. Due to its wrapping it overlaps with 1st point label. So please suggest to avoid such overlapping issues or any property that reduce the wrapping space in case of wrapping of point label. Note : please refer attached image. regards upendra
  2. Thanks, I have another query related to point labels only: Chart has 2 adjacent point labels getting wrapped in two lines, labels are displayed but label text is overlapping. Can anyone suggest how can we manage the space between two point labels. Also I want to attach sample image of the chart with the question but unable to do that here. Thanks, Upendra
  3. Hi, I want to wrap the point lables of Pie chart in case of long text. for Example " Cash and Cash Equivalents: 20%" needs to be displayed in 2 lines as shown below: "Cash and Cash Equivalents: 20%" please let me know how can i do this. Thanks, Upendra
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