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  1. Hi AndreG, Sorry for the late response.. I was in vacation.. The good news is that we found the problem! it was in the propery pie.StartAngle = 0. Now it's working great without the offset. Thanks Z
  2. Hi, I'm continue the thread from Chart FX 7 http://community.softwarefx.com/forums/t/12735.aspx I tried to use the code that you posted but still having the same problem.. Here is a link to a short video that demonstrate it https://www.dropbox.com/s/1kpudi1nr09h3si/offset.avi Please help...... Z
  3. Hi, Any chance you'll be able to help me with it? Thanks Z
  4. Hi Upendra Try use the follow: StringBuilder strToolTip = new StringBuilder(); strToolTip.Append("Cash and Cash"); strToolTip.Append("\n[/font]Equivalents: %p%%"); _chart1.ToolTipFormat = strToolTip.ToString(); The %p will display the percentage, and the \n will start as new line. set this string on ToolTipFormat property Good luck Z
  5. That's work!! You are a genius Thanks a lot!!! Z
  6. The DLL version is 6.2.2839.26796.. Now I noticed that I'm not on the right forum
  7. Hi, I'm trying to use the tool tip on a 3d exploding pie chart but I'm facing some offset issue. The tool tip display values of a diffrenet slice. If I'm moving it a little bit, it do display the right value for the relevant slice.. Is anyone familiar with this issue? Some suggestion how it can be fixed? Thanks Z
  8. Hi AndreG, Thanks for your answer.. and you understand me correct. After changing the legand box style to the one you mentioned the icon is still on the right. Is there any other suggestions? maybe some other property that prevent from the style to changed? Thanks! Z
  9. Hi, I would like to swap between the location of text and the color in the legend box. For example, my legend looks like: [Graph] Value1 [Graph continue] Value2 And I would like to have [Graph] Value1 [Graph continue] Value2 Is it possible? Thanks Z
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