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  1. AndreG, Please add the below line to the code and see the toolbar options doesn't works. chart1.getToolBar().setVisible(true);
  2. sorry andre, I'm unable to access the file.when I'm trying to download its failing.
  3. Hi AndreG, I'm getting the issue when the two charts (Area & line charts) are displayed side by side. If you even tried it in the same way,can you please send me the snapshot of it.
  4. Hi AndreG, We are using chart FX 7. we have tried this command java -jar chartfx70.server.jar -version but we are getting this Error: Unable to access jarfile chartfx70.server.jar.
  5. Hi AndreG, I'm using the below jars. chartfx.gauge.design.jar chartfx.gauge.jar chartfx70.server.cfx6wrapper.jar chartfx70.server.design.jar chartfx70.server.jar chartfx70.server.maps.jar chartfx70.server.statistical.jar chartfx70.server.variablebars.jar
  6. Hi , We have created charts using Chart FX,when we are using the tool bar options provided by Chart FX in Internet Explorer for multiple charts(two charts displayed paralellly) they are not working but when we use them for single chart they are working fine. When we tried it on other browsers like mozilla firefox and chrome, the toolbar options are working fine even for multiple charts,but the same when we try it on IE they are not working. Can some one help me out in this. Thanks, Venkatesh.
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