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  1. Hi, I m using ChartFx inside CotentPlaceHolder but my click event is working only on one page but itz not working on another page. all the code is same for both the pages and charts. Can u plz suggest what is the issue? Regards Sunil Gore
  2. Hi Andre, I also wnat help in my another issue. In my application(Same Chart) I am using Series 0 as Bar chart and Series 1 For Line Chart. but problem is my points of line charts (i.e. values) gets hidden by Bar chart means it goes behind the Bar Chart. and if I add the line Series[0].SendToBack() then the tooltip of the Bars show wierd data (i.e tooltip shows PC instead of showing %) Plz reply fast if possible as I need urgent help on this. Thanking u in Advance. Regards Sunil
  3. Hi Andre, I want the Bars on X-Axis to be colored based on thier groups. Is it possible? For eg. I want 1st and 3rd Bar in Red color and 2nd and 4th in blue color. about:/forums/C:\Users\tusc0704\Desktop\SampleChart.jpg
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