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  1. Hi, I am setting main scale min, max and indicator and sections min, max and indicator in code and showing them correctly almost all cases. Some cases tickmark labels are showing up in very small font which makes very difficult to read normally. Is anyone facing this problem? Please let me know is there any fix for this. Thanks Padmaja
  2. Hi, When some specific data is mapped to horizontal gauge chart by setting scale min, max, sections and indicators, The values are not showing up in some cases. Scale Min : -10547.8, Scale Max : 1683180.4, Indicator 1: 4725.8 Section min: -5489.2, Section max: 38428.6, Indicator 2: 4456.8 Scale min, max and indicator1 is set to horizontal alignment and to position top. Section min, max and indicator2 is set to horizontal alignment and to position bottom. The values will overlap each other if they show up, but completely not showing the labels. The markers and indicators
  3. Hi, I am using below code to set section properties for horizontal gauge with trial version. double trcMin = this.ParseReportDataObject(metricsLookup["XXX"], "Min"); double trcMax = this.ParseReportDataObject(metricsLookup["XXX"], "Max");if (!trcMin.Equals(double.NaN) && !trcMax.Equals(double.NaN) && trcMin != trcMax) { this.horizontalGauge.Scales[0].Sections[0].Min = trcMin; this.horizontalGauge.Scales[0].Sections[0].Max = trcMax;this.horizontalGauge.ToolTip = this.horizontalGaugeTRC.ToolTip + string.Format(XXX, groupByName, trcMin, trcMax); } else if (trcMin == trcMax
  4. Please don't check this as it is not correct. My code was wrongly adding event multiple times.
  5. Hi, I am using Chart Fx chart control and printing the image. When chart is zoomed, it prints sometimes zoomed image but sometimes it is priniting empty image without any points. This seems happening when we zoom small area of the chart. Please help if anyone has an idea. Thanks Padmaja
  6. Hi, I am using Chart FX 7.0 with Visual Studio 2010. I have to export data on data point mouse double click. For some reason, chart point mouse double click is happening more than once (sometimes 2 or 3 times) and could not verify this why. Can any one experienced this problem? Pls help me to control or fix this. Thanks Padmaja
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