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  1. Hey JuanC, if I start the PowerGadgets.CreatorMobile.exe with language-Parameter it doesn't fix the hang. But if I connect to a SQL-Server 2005 Instance instead to 2008 R2, then Parameters in querys work fine. So do you have any differences in connecting to other versions of SQL-Server? Regards, DRi
  2. This is right it's a hang of the program, unfortunately I'm getting no additional information about the error. I'm using a german version of windows. The Application also hangs if I try to use a parameter with interger/long column. It hangs with all types of columns. Regards, DRi
  3. Hi JuanC, my Version of PowerGadgets.CreatorMobile.exe is 2.0.4309.32062. I'm using SQL-Server Express 2008 R2. Type of the field in this case is a "uniqueidentifier" but it also crashes if I use a "nvarchar"-field with the parameter. There's no difference what type of field I use with the parameter, it's always crashing. Without using any parameter everything is fine and there's no crash. Thanks for checking this. Regards, DRi
  4. Hello everybody, I've a question about building a sql-query with parameters. If I use a parameter in my query with the "@" like shown in the QuickGuide and click on Next-button the Program crashes. Can anybody help me? As mentioned in the QuickGuide it should show the "Configure Parameters"-Dialog instead of crashing. My query looks like "Select sales from Agents where brokerage_id=@myParam"
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