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  1. Hi SoftwareFX. Can you assist me? This is a tedious problem which probably has a simple (if unsupported) solution. We are fully licensed and we are not trying to subvert your licensing policy. We simply need to port this somewhat eccentric app to enable it to run under Win7. I have created an AxHost implementation using aximp.exe. The ActiveX runs correctly when hosted in a WinForms control (I see the toolbar, etc) but I do not know how licensing has been implemented. I do not know how to interpret the help file comment that "This license file is actually read, not downloaded, by the browser". No matter what value I assign to the License property I never get past the "Downloading license, please wait" message. Clearly my container needs to respond to a request from the ActiveX component to download and parse the .LIC file. It appears IClassFactory2 is not implemented so I am not sure how to proceed. I see a dependency on urlmon.dll so perhaps this plays a role? The ActiveX version is shown as Apologies if this post arrives as a duplicate - my attempt to post yesterday appears to have failed, but this may be because of a forum moderation queue. Many thanks HtD
  2. Hi SoftwareFX. Can you assist? We have a valid license and we are not trying to subvert your licensing scheme, we are merely trying to prolong your existence at our site The ActiveX control works when hosted in a Windows Form (using an AxHost wrapper generated using aximp.exe) but licensing fails. Can you at the very least explain to me how the license PARAM is used by the ActiveX control. My guess is my container needs to provide the license key on demand, but in the help file it states that "This license file is actually read, not downloaded, by the browser." and I'm not sure what this means.
  3. Hi. We have a legacy app which uses ChartFX 4.5 Internet. We have found that under Win7 the ActiveX control does not render anything when hosted in a WinForms WebBrowser control (i.e. completely blank, NOT a red-x). The ActiveX control renders correctly when hosted in IE. I understand that this product and scenario will not be supported, but to get the app limping into the Win7 enviroment I wondered if it was possible to host the ActiveX control in a Windows Form control? I have been able to generate the .NET wrappers and I am manually setting the License and DataPath parameters to simulate hosting under IE but I just get a "Downloading license, please wait" message. This happens whatever value I assign to the License property (including garbage). Can anyone provide me with pointers on how to get this working? Many thanks HtD
  4. Hi. I can find no samples demonstrating Chart (or ChartView) usage in MVVM scenarios. Do SoftwareFX or anyone in the user community have such samples they can share? Many thanks htd
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