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  1. Hi Stan, We had no problems updating. The API is different and charts look different, but it does work. I dont normally bother with the forums (too slow for response), and you get support from ChartFX which is mostly ok. Cheers, Steve
  2. Hi Stan, No, we couldnt get 5.1 to work properly at all. We upgraded to their latest 6.2 version, and although its quite different, it does work Cheers, Steve
  3. Hi, We are struggling to get ChartFX 5.1 working in a VS2010 MFC solution. We have had this successfully working in VS2005 previously, but it fails to initialise the control properly. We have also tried to get it working inside the Microsoft ActiveX Test container application - it too fails. Can someone please confirm from SoftwareFX whether this control actually works in VS2010? Or alternatively, whether there is a workaround we can use? Thanks, Steve
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