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  1. A follow-up to my question. I think i figured out how to set a style. However, the image when i mouseover the new icon i just added, shows me a broken image How do i add a mouseover image?
  2. I use ChartFX for JavaServer 7.0 I'm trying to add a new Command to the ToolBar, with a new image and setting to call a javascript. I'm following the documentation in the Programmers Guide. The line in bold/italic doesnt work. What is the correct syntax? Thanks cmds = chart1.getCommands(); cmds.add(new Command(20)); cmds.get(20).setImageIndex(1); cmds.appendImage(new ImageIcon("/selfservice/images/left_arrow.jpg").getImage()); cmds.get(20).setStyle(CommandStyles.SMART_LIST); cmds.get(20).setEnabled(true); cmds.get(20).setChecked(true); cmds.get(20).setScript("goBa
  3. Hi - I am licensed for a developer's license that I downloaded to my machine. I have used it for a couple of weeks now. But it doesnt work today - gives me INvalid License (800) error. The license is right, and it worked yesterday. What all factors would affect this ? Any help is appreciated. Thank you -V
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