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  1. I think I resolved the problem. What was happening was that each widget refreshes itself every 5-15 seconds. Each refresh operation calls the original script used to launch it. In that script, I had a line that looked like this: <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> $env:PATH=$env:PATH + ";\\itllcsbs\Data\ConnectSmartScripts" So I was able to click on one of the widgets while it was in the
  2. I tried to update power gadgets on an XP machine by uninstalling the 1.0.3049.17915 version and installing the 1.0.3713.29416 version. When I try to reinstall, the installer simply dissapears at the install screen. The last thing I see on the install screen is "Registering components" "PowerGadgets sidebar Loader" I tried using both the 15 and 16 installer versions....the same thing happens...
  3. I am running Power Gadgets on 2 machines. The machines pull their powershell scripts from a shared folder on a file server. Multiple times during the day, the gadgets stop working and the little icon with the 3 disks and the exclaimation point in the red triangle come up on all of the gadgets. Now, sometimes this only happens on 1 computer at a time. When I restart the gadgets, they work fine. How can I get the gadgets to run without having to restart them.... Thanks!
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