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  1. ...So, I just found where these features or properties can be set. A1/2: just use the custom grid line to approch A3: use the panes' title to show the Info needed
  2. Hello ChartFX support, Recently, my users want me to survey some kind of features like your demo link here http://www.softwarefx.com/Extensions/featuresFinancial.aspx The major questions are below 1. Is it possible that the feature vertical line across the panes when mouse right clicking can show at other kinds of chart (boxplot, column, line..) stays at different panes? 2. Is it possible that shows the vertical line across the panes without right-clicking? Just a check box or some flag to switch on/off the line. 3. The price informations of open/close/lowest/highest are shown upon ch
  3. Hello, Is it possible to refresh a ChartFX by click Button in the situation? <form> <updatePanel ID="up1"> <Button> </updatePanel> <chartfx7:Chart renderform=".Net"></chartfx7:Chart> <updatePanel ID="up2"> <asp:GridView> </updatePanel> </form> Note: You know that the up1 and up2 can trigger to each other, but the chart outside updatePanel always stay put. I need chartFX has interaction feature, so renderFormat is .Net, then it is involved not in updatePanel.
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