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  1. One more problem I'm having: the first time after a server restart the charts are generated without the background image. Subsequent calls always seem to work and show the background image, but that first time it never show it. I've tried it with different background images and different settings, but it keeps happening. Anyone had this problem?
  2. I've been using chartfx 6.2 in a jboss servlet/jsp app for a couple months and just had an issue during QA testing. Basically I have a page that makes a couple ajax calls simultaneously to jsps that generate graphs as PNGs (calling chart.getHtmlTag(wt, ht, "PNG")). Now this only seems to happen right after the server has started up, but each call tries to use the same generated filename for the PNG in /chartfx62/temp/. And so whichever jsp winds up being the second call overwrites the file from the first call and the page will show the same chart as the result of both ajax calls. This cert
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