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  1. Hi danieley, I don't have a direct answer for you but I can share my personal experience and hope it helps your endeavor. I've created a dynamic grid within my code after an initial postback. When I attempt to use the page feature on the grid the PageIndexChanging and PageIndexChanged never get called. Instead it initiates a true postback of the webpage. The grid itself should be saved in the page's ViewState and from there you can possibly retrieve the data including schema info (like current page selected). From all the research I've done into GridFX it looks like it's still a wo
  2. Thanks for the reply. I discovered the call I was looking for. For anyone else interested in this functionality I will post the command to use in the JavaScript section of your ASPX page: SFX_PostBack('Chart1','C:P,0,1') The first parameter ('Chart') is obviously the name of your chart, thus the name of the object that is initiating the postback. The second parameter ('C:P,0,1') I'm not entirely sure about. It appears the 'C:P' portion is a constant, and it might be an acronym for Chart:Pie, which is the type of chart I'm using. The next part, 0, is the series, and the last part, 1, is the po
  3. I've scoured the documentation in vain trying to find a comprehensive list of JavaScript functions that raise chart events. I know of a couple just by sifting through demo source code: SFX_SendUserCallBack SFX_onCallbackReadyDelegate Is there one for raising a click event? I've tried SFX_SendClick and SFX_Click but can't get it to work. Also, it would be really helpful if we could have a list of these functions. Thanks! File 1.zip
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