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  1. Hi - How would you recommend deploying the ZoomChart sample provided in a production environment? The sample provided uses scriptlets inside a jsp, but this will fail if the web server needs to serialize the session. In other more explicit words, the session contains a reference to the inner class (the UserCallbackEventHandler), which keeps a reference to its container class, which contains a reference to a ChartServer, which is not serializable. The web server will serialize sessions in production environments when memory is running low. At the moment, this is preventing us from conside
  2. Hi - I was wondering if there might be a flash version of the ZoomChart? Would love to handle all of the user control client side, if possible. Thanks! - Aaron
  3. Hi - Is there any answer to this question? We are looking to deploy ChartFX on a production server, but if this is an ongoing issue, we will not be able to. Thanks. - Aaron
  4. Are there any examples allowing the user to modify or edit (or even show the toolbar)? I can't seem to get it to work (the below code doesn't allow the user to show the toolbar or modify the text annotation): annotation.Annotations annots; annots = new annotation.Annotations(); chart1.getExtensions().add(annots); annotation.AnnotationText text; text = new annotation.AnnotationText(); text.setText("This is an Annotation Text2"); text.setTop(120); text.setLeft(100); text.setAllowModify(true); annots.getList().add(((annotation
  5. Also, later on in the same code snippet, it calls "arrow.Attach(2,0,50.0)", however there is no method "Attach". I changed it to the lower case "attach". I wonder how this sample ever ran?
  6. I found it. It actually resides in com.softwarefx.chartfx.server.annotation. The code snippet in the programmer's guide shows the following (and many more lines of code after it): Annotation.Annotations annots; annots = new Annotation.Annotations(); . . . I changed the upper cases to lower cases as follows: annotation.Annotations annots; annots = new annotation.Annotations();
  7. That .jar doesn't exist there. I am actually using chartfx7 (does that affect where it lives?) (I didn't post to the ChartFX 7 group, since it didn't have an "extenstions" folder to post to.
  8. I am experimenting with the demo of ChartFX for Java Server. I've seen a couple of blurbs about annotations and wanted to see its capabilities. Unfortunately, I cannot find the extension. Where can I find it? Thanks! - Aaron p.s. I was mostly interested in the annotations the user can put on the chart and wanted to be able to save them (if possible).
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