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  1. Thanks for your reply. I hope it can be fixed... How often do you provide free updates to your libraries?
  2. I want to, programmatically, highlight a part of a chart (the same behavior that you get with the HIGHLIGHT property, but need it to invoke it from the code. Can it be done? Thanks!
  3. I've seen demos about two pie charts in one components, but can I have two different types of charts in the same component? For example, a Pie Chart and a Bar Chart? Both with different data? Thanks!
  4. Thank you for your reply Juan. I even get this behavior with the demo applications you in your trial. I will try it on Windows Vista and Windows 7 to see if I get the same behavior.
  5. I am using the trial of Chart FX 7 for Java Desktop and I am finding a problem of high CPU usage. I am using Windows XP, and everytime I move the mouse over the PIE CHART, it takes around 85% of the CPU and stays there. Is this a known bug? Please help!
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