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  1. It looks like my problem occurs when the map's Zoom property is set to true. When it is true, the mouse hover feature doesn't work. When it is false, the mouse hover feature works, but then I lose the default behavior of the zoom (where dragging the mouse into a rectangle over my map zooms in to that rectangle). I'd like to have both features work at the same time. I am now trying to do a combination of setting the Zoom property to true on a MouseDown, recording the coordinates, then waiting for the MouseUp event to fire and using the user32.dll "mouse_enter" event to manually throw mou
  2. Hi ChartFXers, I'm using the "IL-5 Digit Ungrouped.svg" file as my MapSource. I am displaying my Map on a TabPage within a TabControl. However, the default functionality of the Map, where a user can hover over each ZIP code and it becomes highlighted, doesn't seem to work. When I use other maps, such as "RI-5 Digit Ungrouped.svg", this seems to work fine. Debugging this I find that on the map's MouseMove event, the HitTest(e.X, e.Y, etc...) always returns a HitType of Background. I tried calling myMap.BringToFront(), and many other ways of getting the map to redisplay with no solut
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