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  1. I called the RecalcScale method, but the result is 0. Ll_iy =chart.object.Series(0).Yvalue(1) //Ll_iy equals the value of the chart chart.object.ValueToPixel(Xvalue, Ll_iy, Ll_rx, Ll_ry, 0) the method i called is correct?? i don't know the Xvalue..So i try 0, 1, 200 and so on..
  2. Function CHART_ML(ByVal wLow As Integer, ByVal wHi As Integer) CHART_ML = CLng(&H10000 * wHi) + wLow End Function (&H10000 * wHi) = 65536 * wHi ???
  3. I download a demo VB source. It works without problem. When I transfer the function in the file of cfxocx.bas into PB(powerbuilder). It doesn't work correctly. Function CHART_LOWORD(ByVal l As Long) l = l And &HFFFF& If (l > 32767) Then 'why it's 32767? In PB the value is very big.. l = l - 65536 End If CHART_LOWORD = CInt(l) End Function Thank you very much!
  4. when i used the method ValueToPixel but x,y always return 0. ValueToPixel(Xvalue, Yvalue, x, y, nYAxis) Yvalue = ChartName.Series(SeriesIndex).Yvalue(PointIndex) But how can I know the Xvalue?? thanks
  5. I want to know the coordinate of point 1 or point 2. Thanks.
  6. http://community.softwarefx.com/forums/t/10601.aspx
  7. with the tips i know the width of bar BarWidth = ((((ChartWidth - LeftGap - RightGap)/NumberOfPoints)/NumberOfSeries)*Volume)/100 Now how can i know the width of the label 1,2,3 or the coordinate of label 4 Thanks.
  8. how can i know the coordinate of the first seris? thanks.
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