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  1. Hi, We are trying to develop the XBar and R Charts such that they are plotted in the same chart area one below the other so that it's easier for analysis. I would like to understand what would be the best way to achieve such a result? Use pane managers with the same Chart object? It would be useful if we could get an sample?
  2. Hi, I am using the ChartFX toolbar with the gallery options present. So the user can actually change the gallery type to be something different to what was initially provided to the user. The issue with this is, there might be a gallery type that doesn't work for the current data, and it throws an exception. This is displayed as a Big Red X in the chart area. The user can now do nothing with the chart. The only way to recover from the exception is to close the form and reopen it again. My question here is, is there a way to work out from the Chart object that it is in an exception
  3. Hi, We have chart using a statistical extension chart.GalleryObj = StatisticsExtension.Gallery.Regression; StatisticsExtension.Studies.Add(StudyGroup.CentralTendencyMean); StatisticsExtension.Studies.Add(StudyGroup.CentralTendencyMedian); It all works fine on window forms with the gallery type chosen to be Linear Regression. We also have the ability to reload a chart saved by the user...(customized by the user) We export the chart layout and import it back (chart.FileMask & chart.Export)...It works well with other charts...but for some reason for statistical charts don't work
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