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  1. Hi, I got a chart builded by chartFX for vs 2005. When I mouseover a point inside the chart, my mouse cursor should be change to 'hand' type and allow me to drill down. My Problem is some computers are work fine, but some cannot work. Can tell me what would this problem be? Setting Problem? Thanks Best Regards, David
  2. Hi, Now I found out it is not compatibility problem, it actually due to Internet Explorer was unable to download/install the ChartFX ActiveX component. I found a article said like below: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Internet Explorer shows a picture with a red X in place of the chart Description: Internet Explorer was unable to download/install the ChartFX ActiveX component Resolu
  3. Hi, How to make it run is XP mode in Windows 7? You mean right click IE then change to XP under compatibility mode? I cannot change it because the compatibility mode was disable. Thanks, Regards, David Choo
  4. Hi rocioZ, Thanks for your reply, but my company developed this system long time ago. Could you teach me how to make it workable in windows 7? Thanks, Regards, David Choo
  5. Hi, I'm new for ChartFX. Currently I' m doing a testing on windows 7 but I faced a problem which the chart created by ChartFX 5.5 does not appear. However, the ChartFX for .NET worked fine. Do .NET framework is an issue to concern ? Can anyone suggest me what is the problem, and how to fixed it ? Thanks. Regards, David Choo
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