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  1. I want to have 3 buttons grouped together and when one is click the others are toggled off, is that what the Style GroupHead and Group and for ? I have tried doing this: chart1.Commands[1].Style |= CommandStyles.GroupHead;and then for the others chart1.Commands[2].Style |= CommandStyles.Group; Now when the chart.UserCommand event fires, the command id never seems to change. Is there an example somewhere of using the CommandStyles .GroupHead to set the style for a toolbar command object ?
  2. How would you iterate through the XValues ?
  3. Juan, Thanks for the reply. Maybe I'm being a little dense, but I don't see how this even comes close to solving my problem. What I would like to do is draw a bounding box around an area of the screen and have it take some action on the points contained within that box. Like once I'm done drawing the box have an event fire that in turn would somehow give me all of the points contained within the box that the user drew. I don't suppose somebody there could put together an example for me ? I have been working on this for several days and am not really accomplishing anything.
  4. I would like to as I'm dragging a marker around on the Chart have it display a dashed line from where the marker was to the current mouse position ? How would I accomplish this ?
  5. I would like to allow my users to select a set of points by drawing a bounding box around them. When they draw the bounding box, I would like to show the box with dashed lines. How would I do this ?
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