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  1. PowerGadgets requires minimal software to run. Please make sure you have the following installed: - .NET Framework 2.0 - Windows PowerShell RC2/RTW(1.0.9567.1 or above). Available at www.microsoft.com/powershell.
  2. Samples and documentation come with the installation of Grid FX. It is typically located at C:\Program Files\Grid FX\Help and Samples\Sample Applications.
  3. Chart FX uses two series of data to create the most elementary bubble chart. By default, the first series passed to the chart is used for the actual point values (Y Values), while the second series is used to control the size of the bubble marker. There are several factors that determine the size of the bubble; one being the actual value for the second series, and second being the axis scale which that second series is assigned. This feature actually gives the developer more control over the size of the bubble by providing the possibility of assigning that series to a Secondary Y axis. Th
  4. Please note that using the same serial number on several machines would not be possible because Chart FX is licensed on a per-machine basis. When Chart FX is installed on a machine, the license keeps record of machine-specific information (such as machine name, IP, server MAC address, and others). Just make sure that Chart FX is completely removed from your old server, and you should be able to install Chart FX in your new server without any problem.
  5. You should completely uninstall Chart FX from your old server, and then, install Chart FX in your new server.
  6. Unfortunately, Chart FX 5.5 has been decommissioned for quite some time. Because of this decommissioning there are no more software updates or support for this product. Please note that Software FX has released many versions of Chart FX after Chart FX 5.5. Please feel to check new products information at http://www.softwarefx.com/.
  7. Some security policy problems may occur when the User Account Control (UAC) option is turned ON.
  8. However, please note that Chart FX for .Net 6.2 was specifically built to work with .Net framework 1.1 and even though it works with .Net framework 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005, it has no optimizations for 2.0. Newer version of Chart FX for .NET framework is Chart FX 7. This version is completely compatible with .NET 2.0, and newer ones like 3.0 & 3.5 .NET frameworks.
  9. Chart FX for .NET 6.2 was designed for Visual Studio 2003 but it works with the 2005 version as well.
  10. It could be a limitation of the Active X control in MOSS. However, please note that Software FX DataParts for SharePoint is created to address the needs of SharePoint users, and it has been officially released. The Chart FX web part let you choose from over 25 different types of Charts. The wizard guides you to configure your Chart web part step by step. You are able to access common types of data sources such as SharePoint lists, SQL Databases or Business Data Catalogs without major complexity. Please feel free to check our new product at the following link: http://www.softwarefx.co
  11. At the moment we do not have any available localization resources for Chart FX Extensions. I apologize for the inconvenience.
  12. rocioZ

    Histogram 2

    You can find documentation, samples, and a complete API that help you implement your Histogram at "Samples and Resource Center" that comes with the installation of Chart FX 7. Please check "Chart FX Extensions" section and the Statistical sample project.
  13. Your question was answered through the support incident by JuanZ. Should you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us again.
  14. Please contact our support team at "support [AT] softwarefx [DOT] com". We will try to replicate the issue on our side. Could you please provide a repro case detailing what happens at your end so we can properly track the incident. Do not forget to send them your Serial Number as well.
  15. To add a FooterTemplate to the FieldGroupingSettings, you must access the Edit Templates feature from the Design-Time Template Editor within the Smart Tag Wizard.
  16. Chart FX engine supports it. Unfortunately, the only way to specify the series color is writing code for the component, and it is not possible due to a Reporting Services limitation. I apologize for the inconveniences this may cause.
  17. Unfortunately, the Lite version is trimmed down and doesn't include all of the properties the full version does which would allow you to create virtually any look for any chart.
  18. You can set the Min, Max and Step properties of AxisX for the chart based on the data you are passing. For instance, I set the AxisX properties as: Chart1.AxisX.Max = 5; Chart1.AxisX.Min = -5; (negative value) Chart1.AxisX.Step = 1; You can set the AxisX properties appropriately based on the data you are passing. The value of the Step Property must be greater than the value of the MinorStep property. Please note the values for the Step and MinorStep properties are data related.
  19. You can find PowerGadgets Cmdlets Help and PowerGadgets Quick Start Guide documents when PowerGadgets is installed. The PowerGadgets Creator documentation is located on page 30 in PowerGadgets Quick Start Guide. To create a Stacked bar chart using PowerGadgets Creator:1. Choose Chart Gadget2. Choose your Data Source3. Type your SQL Statement4. All data should populated your Chart. In order to customize you Chart, please go to the Chart Wizard.5. Select Chart Gallery. Choose Stacked under Bars (Columns) gallery.6. Go to Adjust Data to Chart7. Select Data Columns to be used8. If there are multi
  20. We have been trying to reproduce the issue on our side. Different environments have been set up using: - Windows XP and Windows Vista OS - .NET Framework 2.0 with SP2 - .NET Framework 2.0 RTM - PSS Service enable and disable - Different versions of IIS - Using your ChartFXProblemSample database with SQL Server Authentication Unfortunately, this is not considered a bug as the issue was not replicated in any of the scenarios mentioned above. Our primary concern is to help you solve your problem; however, there is no much we can do if the issue is not replicable.
  21. Unfortunately this is by design. You cannot change the size of the legend markers for a pie chart. I apologize for the inconvenience.
  22. rocioZ

    Converting grid

    Please try uninstalling and reinstalling Grid FX using the following steps: 1. Close any instances of Grid FX (Visual Studio, Grid FX Resource Center) 2. Go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > Remove Grid FX. Please make sure that all files/directories of Grid FX are properly removed from C:\Program Files. If not, please remove them manually. C:\Program Files\Grid FX C:\Program Files\Common Files\Install FX Always remember to have Visual Studio closed whenever you uninstall or install Chart FX. Also, please make sure to install as the system administrator o
  23. rocioZ

    Converting grid

    Sometimes, when you are using a trial product and install the licensed product, the registry value is correctly updated, but the temporary license file added to the project is not updated. In order to update this temporal license please add (drag & drop) a Grid FX object into your project and rebuild your application. Try this and let me know if this helps.
  24. You can use the PowerGadgets Creator to specify your gadget using visual attributes. You are able to select the Stacked chart (Bars Gallery) and its data source. Please refer to PowerGadgets Quick Start Guide and PowerGadgets Cmdlets Help, both are included when PowerGadgets is installed. Additionally, online documentation is available at the following link: http://support.softwarefx.com/ProductBase.aspx?Product=PG10
  25. rocioZ

    Legend questions

    Regarding your question on part 2, unfortunately, there is no way to specify the column number for the legend. There is an option that can help you with this problem. You can try using the width and height properties of the legend to set the size of the legend box.
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