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  1. thank you. Is there any additional documentation on the "series" portion of your software? I am still not maknig sense of it. Perhaps understanding that component would be helpful. All I've found is a definition of it.
  2. Thank you for responding.... I'll take a look... Are there any barebones examples of using dates along the bottom axis? I'm trying to understand how your software works, and up to that point it was quite easy. I'm not understanding the "Series" aspects of it I think. Jeff
  3. I'm trying to get the month names along the X axis. In my attempts, I either get a few months and then no more get shown, or just no months. My data has no specific number of items in each month... I'm just trying to program a trigger to set a new month for the corresponding data above it. It would work pretty easy if I have one data item for each month I guess. Is there a way to make it work the way I'm needing it to? I've been looking at the exmaples and cannot determine how. Here is my code as it dies not try to display the months. With Chart1 .ToolBar = False .Ga
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