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  1. i am using chartfx client server 5.1 with vb. 

    while giving ascii value to markershape, windings font is not reflected.

    if i give the chartfx.series(1).markershape = -171

    it is displaying "<<" instead of star in windings font.

    can anyone tell me what is problem and how to get the windings symbol inside the chartfx?

    thanks in advance

  2. i am using chartfx 5.1 in vb6.0. i have included all the markershape present in the enumeration.

    if i want to include the different symbol for other series, what shall we do?

    can anyone help me?

    i have tried to include a star image into the chartfx, but it crashes my vb application.

    i have tried the following code

    chartfx.series(lngcount).picture = picture1.picture

    but unfortunately it crashes the application.


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