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  1. Hi, Don't worry about it. I thought you worked for them and you too thought this was a good idea - don't most command line folks want a command line way to install? I didn't think I was that unique in my request. I can figure out a way to automate this using something like AutoIt. It simply isn't as robust. Thanks again! Mark
  2. Windows 2008 but I'll settle for Windows Vista. Thanks! Mark
  3. I can wait the two weeks. Thanks for investigating. Mark AlignYAxis.zip
  4. Hi, No, I am not looking to redistribute at all. I frequently reinstall my computer and I need to have that install be automated. I was looking for the unattended install command for PowerGadgets. As a powershell tool, it is really surprising that the tool doesn't itself allow for an automated install. Can you suggest any work arounds? Is there perhaps an MSI for the install? Thanks, Mark
  5. Hi, I am trying to write an unattended script for installing my computer. What is the unattended installation command for PowerGadgets, such that no UI interaction is required when I install the tool? Along the same lines, how do I specify the Serial Number on the command line. Thanks, Mark
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