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  1. Hi Frank, Just a follow up question, may I know what is the chartfx cfxtemp virtual folder for? im asking this because it seems our application is pointing to a different tmp folder where it generates the images..so if that is the case would it be safe i make the tmp folder a virtual folder and do the repointing there? Thanks
  2. Thanks Frank for your prompt response! I will try this out (more feasible for us is option 3) andI will let you know if it works!
  3. Hi, We have been using chartfx internet server 5.5. Suddenly we are getting some intermittent problems with the display of charts (sometimes it displays sometimes only a red cross appears). Our servers are in a load balanced environment and we have already cross checked the security folder permissions (granted IUSR modify rights to the ChartFX folder), we have verified that the necessary web folder has been created correctly,and reregistered the chartfx dll. The image we are using is .png and it has already been configured in the chartx configuration: I.E.6 to use .png Can you help to p
  4. Hi, Would you know any solution on why the chartfx graph labels suddenly doesnt come up? How to fix this error?thanks
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