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  1. Further information: On IIS for the affected site I set DoDynamicCompression = false and the problem went away! I have confirmed that the ScriptFileExtensions contained "axd" So to summarise: Using Dynamic Compression in IIS6 for content served through GridFXResource.axd causes an intermitent timing issue that locks the browser. We have IE6.0 on all clients Win2K3 Server and SharePoint 2007 Thanks, Chris.
  2. Hi, After I have restarted the browser a couple of times the page with a Grid will load fine. I can hit refresh and it reloads ok. If I then empty the Browser cache (remove all offline content) the browser crash will occur again. I can use Fiddler to record the http traffic. The last call before the browser crashes is a GET request for Gridresource.axd I will test the hotfix if there is one. Thanks, Chris.
  3. Update! This is happening everytime a first time user tries to load the page with the GridFX. The browser will completely lock up and does not unlock even if we wait a long time. I have to resort to killing the browser and starting again. It seems that once the Grid is loaded (I assume the js files are cached) then it works ok. This is not acceptable as the roll out to the users will generate huge amounts of support issues. Any ideas? Is GridFX safe on an UpdatePanel ? Is GridFX safe to use in SharePoint 2007 ? Any help appreciated. Chris.
  4. Update: Here is the code (this worked ok). Thanks. NumberField mthfield = new NumberField();mthfield.DataPath = "ForecastMonth";Grid2.DataFields.Add(mthfield);FieldColumn col2 = new FieldColumn(mthfield);col2.Style.Header.Bold = true;Grid2.Columns.Add(col2);NumberField numfield = new NumberField();numfield.DataPath = "ForecastWeek";Grid2.DataFields.Add(numfield);FieldColumn col3 = new FieldColumn(numfield);col3.Style.Header.Bold = true;col3.Style.Header.HorizontalAlign = HorizontalAlign.Center;col3.Style.HorizontalAlign = HorizontalAlign.Center;Grid2.Columns.Add(col3);Grid2.Sorting.SortedFields.Add(numfield);numfield = new NumberField();numfield.DataPath = "ForecastUnits";Grid2.DataFields.Add(numfield);FieldColumn col4 = new FieldColumn(numfield);col4.Style.Header.Bold = true;col4.Style.Header.HorizontalAlign = HorizontalAlign.Center;col4.Style.HorizontalAlign = HorizontalAlign.Center;Grid2.Columns.Add(col4);Grid2.DataFields["ForecastMonth"].Title = "Month";Grid2.DataFields["ForecastWeek"].Title = "Week";Grid2.DataFields["ForecastUnits"].Title = "Forecast Units";Grid2.Grouping.Enabled = true;Grid2.Grouping.RootLevel.Field = mthfield;Grid2.Grouping.RootLevel.Expanded = true;
  5. Hi,We are experiencing a serious problem with the Grid!When loading a page with the Grid on it the browser will completely freeze.The only solution is to use Task Manager to kill the browser instance.Let me explain the setup:The customer is using Internet Explorer 6.0We are using SharePoint 2007We are using AJAX, so content can be updated without a page refresh.AJAX is integrated from .Net Framework 3.5I have created a class library for a SharePoint WebPart.This creates an UpdatePanel and adds the Grid to the UpdatePanel.I have used this exact same technique for some Charts and have not had this problem with them.We have GridFX Ver. 1.0.3007.30962The GridFX is licensed on a production server.The GridFX PSS service is started and running ok. This problem seems to be intermittent. Sometimes it works ok.This is just a hunch but it seems if you mouse over the grid when the page is still loading then the problem is more likely to occur.I know lots of Javascript is loaded by the grid.I guess lots of clientside events are fired when mousing over the grid.Is there anything in this that could crash the browser?Can I turn off the clientside events?What can I do to track down the cause of this?Thanks for your help.Chris.
  6. How do I add Columns in markup, I am writing this in a class library. No Webform (aspx).
  7. Ah! A new event after Columns are generated and before data is bound sounds good. We plan to demonstrate this financials grid Thursday next week so I'll try the hot fix if possible. The GridFX version we are using is: 1.0.3007.30962 Is there another way to do this? maybe pre-define the columns with templates ? Cheers, Chris.
  8. Any other suggestions? Columns are not available during the DataBinding event handler
  9. Thanks for the quick response Stephen. Unfortunately this doesn't work. I can debug this and during Grid2_DataBinding event handler Grid2.DataFields.Count is zero So this code: DataField rootLevelField = (DataField)Grid2.DataFields[0]; throws an ArgumentOutOfRangeException I assume we need to set the column for Grouping after the grid is aware of the data. Which is why I tried it in DataBound handler Any other ideas ?
  10. Hi, Can you help? In testing I dragged a Grid onto a WebForm, configured a SqlDataSource. I did some formatting and got grouping to work ok. BUT now I need to to do the same thing programmatically. I have added the grid and can display the data but cannot get Grouping to work. If I try to set the Grouping RootLevelField in Grid_DataBound eventhandler I get a NullReference Exception. Here is the code: GridFX.WebForms.Grid Grid2 = null; DataTable dtab = new DataTable(); protected void Page_Init(object sender, EventArgs e) { Grid2 = new Grid(); Grid2.ID = "Grid2"; Page.Controls.Add(Grid2); Grid2.DataSourceInCode = true; Grid2.DataSourceSelecting += new EventHandler<DataSourceSelectingEventArgs>(Grid2_DataSourceSelecting); Grid2.DataBound += new EventHandler(Grid2_DataBound); using (SqlConnection dbConn = new SqlConnection(sConnStr)) { dbConn.Open(); SqlCommand dbCmd = null; string sSQL = "sp_GetSalesBreakdown"; using (dbCmd = new SqlCommand(sSQL, dbConn)) { dbCmd.CommandType = System.Data.CommandType.StoredProcedure; SqlDataAdapter adapter = new SqlDataAdapter(dbCmd); adapter.Fill(dtab); } } } void Grid2_DataSourceSelecting(object sender, DataSourceSelectingEventArgs e) { e.DataSource = dtab.DefaultView; } void Grid2_DataBound(object sender, EventArgs e) { // A DataField object is cast as the grid's date field DataField rootLevelField = (DataField)Grid2.DataFields[0]; Grid2.Grouping.Enabled = true; Grid2.Grouping.RootLevel.Field = rootLevelField; Grid2.Grouping.RootLevel.Expanded = true; Grid2.Grouping.RootLevel.Style.HorizontalAlign = HorizontalAlign.Left; } Any help appreciated. Thanks, Chris.
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