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  1. I would like to export chart data to clipboard. I know I need to use the Export(...) function, but I'm not sure what the parameters should be. Any help?
  2. I have a three-pane chart. The series in each of the panes are related. For example, the first series in each pane correspond to the same object and so on. Hence, I have only added legend entries for the top pane, in order to avoid repeating the same names three times. Here are the issues I'm dealing with: 1. When I highlight an series in the top pane, all other series are dimmed (within that pane and other panes), and the corresponding legend item is highlighted. However, I would like the corresponding items in the other panes to be highlighted. Is that possible? 2. When I highlight an series in the second or third pane, the series is highlighted, but no legend item is highlighted (since no legend item exists for that series). Also, the corresponding series in the other panes are not highlighted. Is it possible to selectively highlight/dim series in the various panes? Is it possible to selectively highlight/dim series in the legend box? Thanks.
  3. hachem

    Chart Palettes

    I have three questions about Palettes: 1. Is it possible to customize one of the existing palettes? 2. Is it possible to add an extra custom palette? 3. I have a multi-pane chart with 3 panes. When choosing a palette, I would like the ith series in each pane to have the same color. Is that possible? I am using C++. Thanks.
  4. That was a while ago. I don't quite remember now! I am now running version 6.2 (under VS2008), and don't have that problem anymore.
  5. This problem has yet to be resolved in my case. Unfortunately, I cannot upload my code. If someone can upload their code, that would help all of us. Thanks.
  6. Have you been able to resolve the absence of the zero line problem? I have had a similar issue with the zero line disappearing in multipane charts (with Line series). See my original question here: http://community.softwarefx.com/forums/p/9458/22662.aspx#22662 Thank you.
  7. When I use the multiple pane feature, it seems that my charts lose the grey horizontal zero line. This happens even if I have one pane in the chart. The zero line shows up fine if I have a single chart but I don't use panes. I'm using Chart FX 6.2 COM with Visual C++ and MFC. How do I get the zero line to show up? Thanks.
  8. I am using the Chart FX (C/S 5.1) control in a docking pane in an MFC application developed using VS2005. The chart seems to be working ok, but when I press the
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