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  1. Juan, I e-mailed support last Monday asking for the hotfix to fix the method you mentioned at the end of post #711: >> When PowerShell is allowed to launch P.P.exe it will only launch one instance per server. This is a bug caused by the method we use in PowerShell to reuse the process, I am afraid the solution although simple will have to be thoroughly tested but we can provide a hotfix if you want to test it. I have not heard anything back. Should I e-mail again? Or just wait until I hear something? Thank you!
  2. Juan - Thank you for the quick reply! Can you please elaborate on the first "ideal" solution you mentioned? Would the registry entry force the PGFs to execute in a single P.P.exe process? Thank you for your assistance!
  3. I am trying to launch 4 simultaneous gauges for users on my Windows 2003 Terminal Server. Launching them as 4 individual PGF files works beautifully, but results in each user running 4 instances of P.P.exe (which is using 195MB of memory per user). This is not a level of memory overhead I can justify given the additional gauges we would like to deploy in the near future. I read that you can get all of the gauges to run in a single P.P.exe instance by launching them using a script. I spent a couple days writing and refining the script to do this (clearly scripting is not my strong suit - hence
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