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  1. Yes, screensaver will do just fine, thank you :-)
  2. Greetings :-) Got this semi-crazy idea: we got a bunch of machines in the lab and a monitoring PowerShell script running on a dedicated machine. I'd like to keep this machine locked, with background image displaying the last status of monitored machines. I figure a custom map that shows positions of machines on the racks and their status is a cool thing to show here. Is there a way to do this using PowerGadgets? :-) Thank you! / Alex
  3. Juan, do you have ETA on when updated version is going to be available? And, please, while you're looking at Gantt bugs, note that in designer automatic minimum value gets set to 0 (at least in my scenario where I used DateTime.ToBinary() large numbers). Thank you, / Alex
  4. Greetings :-) I'm trying to figure out how to make a Gantt chart that takes DateTime as start and finish points. However, when I load my data in Creator it doesn't want to accept DateTime values, claiming that they are not numeric. I tried bypassing this by using out-chart cmdlet, but didn't get past -gallery Gantt option. Help, please? Thank you! / Alex
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