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  1. That seems to have allowed it to install. I'm assuming that bypassed 'something' that was triggering a WMI call? Will tinker and let you know if anything seems 'amiss' - but for now. Thanks!
  2. Yes, the WMI service is running and working on the PC. I can make any get-wmiobject call to my local PC that I can think of using powershell. Not sure what Class the install script is trying to access - so I can't really diagnose further.
  3. Unfortunately, I've been unable to install Powergadgets on several laptops that I've tried. These are new OS builds with no previous versions of Powershell or Powergadgets. When I try to install Powergadgets, I get a the Please Wait - Initializing Script Files for a few seconds and then I get: "PowerGadgets Creator Installation has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." Using the debug option, I get the following additional information: " An unhandled exception of type 'System.Management.ManagementException' occurred in System.Management.dll. Additiona
  4. Okay, that seems to work okay. Kind of cumbersome, but oh well, gotta go with what works Thanks! gaurhoth
  5. Not sure how to stop [ 6 ] from being converted to a "devil smiley"... so replace any devils with [ 6 ] (remove spaces). (Okay figured it out... added spaces in code example... but now I can't delete this message... what fun!) Thanks.
  6. I have a powershell script that uses an external command line application to retreive data. However, when I pipe this to Out-Gauge with -refresh parameter, I get a CMD window that opens and closes each time the gadget refreshes. The powershell host hides any external cmd window... is there a configuration I'm missing for PowerGadgets to hide any external cmd windows? Here is a VERY simple example that shows the behavior: Contents of PING.PS1:$output = ping www.google.com -n 1$output[ 6 ].split(" =")[ 6 ].replace("ms","")PS C:\ps\bin> .\ping.ps1 | % { out-gauge -value $_ -floating -refresh
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