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  1. Thanks Frank, this was extremely helpful! Your advice along with a well timed reboot did the trick. I now have both an Image and a .NET client showing up, with click events, and I'm getting the chart's value from the series and point coordinates.
  2. OK great I'll scratch Firefox off the list, just wanted to give you enough info. In the bottom right hand corner there is a green checkmark, Trusted Sites | Protected Mode Off. The value that I was speaking of is one of the properties of the MouseEventArgsX. But if I can get to the value from the series and point then I'm good there.
  3. Thanks for your help, I've set my trust level to full trust for localhost and medium for .net internet. I'm still not capturing the click event though. That is, I'm not capturing the event when using the .Net client. I can catch the event server side when the HtmlTag is set to Image. Although, in that case, I do not get the value from the event args, just the series and point numbers (possibly because I'm binding to a datatable?). With the .Net client, the data editor, toolbar, etc are all showing up, I just can not get to the events. Not that it needs to be cross broswer compatible (I on
  4. I have a chart placed on a webform. When setting the HtmlTag to .NET I the click event never fires. If I change the tag to Image then it does fire, and the point and series change, but the value is always 0. Here are some of the steps that has got me to this point: I've added the chw mime type in IIS. I have had a ChartFX.Internet.Config file with the sample values in it, but have removed that from the bin folder as it did not seem to make a difference one way or another. I've set MainClient to both true and false. In one combination of it and EmbeddedData IE 7 had to restart. Although af
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