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  1. There is no error on the installation. The installer appears to go through the installation completely. I've ran the installer twice each on two different machines. Same thing happened everytime. As I said before, I'm not sure if it installed files elsewhere, but in the directory I specified, it just installs a folder called "Help and Samples" or something like that when I chose "Production Installation". This is not an urgent issue as I'm just using the Test/Q.A installation. Since it doesn't add a tag line to my graphs, it'll be just fine. I was just curious.
  2. clarification: I can export to PDF in landscape, but I can only do so by making the entire report landscape. There are certain pages of the report I want to keep in portrait. Is there any way to alternate between landscape and portrait? I guess what I'd prefer is to just rotate the chart and keep every page portrait.
  3. Hi I'm using ChartFX for Reporting Services in VS 2005 connecting to SQL Server 2005. I'd like to create one large chart per page. Each chart should pretty much encompass the whole page. I'd like the chart to be rotated 90 degrees so that it's vertical and it can be printed on one page. Is there a way to rotate the entire chart control or rotate the chart within the chart control? Alternatively, is there a way I can export to PDF in landscape? Thanks.
  4. Hi, I am using ChartFX for Reporting Services with SQL Server 2005 on a Windows Server 2003 machine. I have a chart with a Y2 axis. When all the values on that Y2 axis are zero, the points and line appear on the graph at the bottom as expected, but the entire Y2 axis disappears (the labels, axis title, etc). How can I make it so that the Y2 axis does NOT disappear? I want the user to be able to see the axis as well as the value is at zero. Thanks
  5. I have created a report (let
  6. For all other Reporting Services controls you can set the value with an Expression based on the data. For example, the Dundas Charting tool allows me to set the value of the Min or Max of the Axis to an Expression allowing it to be dynamic based on the data I'm graphing. I'm a big fan of ChartFX, but i'm suprised it doesn't have similar capabilities. Thanks.
  7. Hi I'm using ChartFX for Reporting Services. My report is a template and I want the X and Y axis Min and Max values to change during runtime depending on the data. How do I do this? I do NOT want to use Auto or the ForceZero property. Thanks
  8. Hi, I just downloaded the trial version of ChartFX for Reporting Services. I am working with a Report Project in VS2005 and used the ChartFX control. I created a chart fine, it is doing what I need it to, and within the VS2005 designer, I can click on the
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