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  1. It only happens when using the silverlight extension. If I view as a webform, it looks fine. Yes, I should be able to replicate, but it may take a few days for me to get to.
  2. I have a chart which has 2 series using a bar chart. The third series I have set as line. It incorrectly displays as bar. If I change it to area, it shows up as expected.
  3. Hi, I'm using the silverlight extension to chart some data. In order to bolt on interactivity, I'm trying to figure out which named objects are associated with each datapoint. Do you have any best practices for doing this? Because of your architecture, I am effectively sending the data back from the server twice - once with your graph, then again to associate the data. This is unfortunate, but liveable. Now.. I have your graph, with some named objects.. and I have the data. It's unfortunately, not a 1:1 mapping. What can I do? I notice that the output from the silverlight wr
  4. I have a bar chart that I've created from a datasource. When I mouse over a series, after a bit of time, all values not in the series dim. I assumed this could be turned off by Chart1.Highlight.Dimmed = false; Chart1.Highlight.Enabled = false; But, it doesn't seem to have an effect. How do you turn this off? Thanks, -Darin
  5. Hi, I have the following pseudocode which is throwing an error: string sql = "some sql"; DataTable dt = DataLayer.GetSqlDt(sql); Chart1.DataSourceSettings.Fields.Add(new FieldMap("PRODUCT_FAMILY", FieldUsage.Label)); Chart1.DataSourceSettings.Fields.Add(new FieldMap(dt.Columns[0].ColumnName, FieldUsage.Value)); Chart1.DataSourceSettings.Fields.Add(new FieldMap(dt.Columns[1].ColumnName, FieldUsage.Value)); Chart1.DataSource = dt; // The current implementation of Silverlight Writer does not support artistic borders Chart1.Border
  6. We could create our own interactivity though, correct? For example, in Silverlight, I should be able to "find" the uniquely named objects (ellipses, I believe). Then I could add events to the mouseover to create a multiselect capability, right?
  7. Are the OLAP charts going to be usable through silverlight too?
  8. Great! I'll download it now.
  9. I'm not allowed to use my trial serial number with this installation. Any hints?
  10. Load the project. See compilation error:chartfxPageError.jpg Copy the dlls you sent to the clientbin of silverlight project and bin of web project. compilation error goes away. Open page.xml in designer. Get "loading" message - chartfxPageErrorLoading.JPG Wait a while.. then get this error - chartfxPageErrorLoadingExc.JPG Running the project just gives me a blank screen.
  11. You can recreate this issue by starting with a clean machine, then follow the getting started for silverlight 2 beta. http://silverlight.net/GetStarted/ I'm assuming your test machine and build machine has 1.1 and then you installed 2.0 on top of it.
  12. Thank you for the sample, but it still doesn't work for me. Your chart control is referencing an assembly that is distributed with 1.1. Could you rebuild your controls on a machine that does not depend on 1.1? Or do I just need to install the 1.1 sdk? C:\Projects\ChartFxTake2\SilverlightApplication1\SilverlightApplication1\obj\Debug\Page.g.vb(42) : error BC30007: Reference required to assembly 'agclr, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a' containing the base class 'System.Windows.Controls.Control'. Add one to your project. C:\Projects\ChartFxTake2\SilverlightA
  13. Are you going to revamp your samples to work with Silverlight 2.0? As of now, the projects won't even open with the latest and greatest. After doing the trick to upgrade the projects, I can't get them to compile..
  14. duwke

    Selecting data

    Hi, We are about to start a new silverlight endeavour involving charting. We need the ability to select data within the chart. For example, selecting a few values within scatter plot. Do the chartfx charts have this capability? This was not available in the demo on the main site. TIA, Darin
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