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  1. Hi, i am unable o export the chart Gallery Type. Tried using FileMask.All. I am able to export other aspects of a chart like font, title etc. Am I missing something? How can the Chart gallery Type be saved? chart.Export(FileFormat.Binary, stream); Thanks.
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    Hi, I am plotting a multi series line chart, where certain values can be null. I end up with a broken line chart when using Chart.Hidden. I am building up a multi dimensional array of points, such that I am using Chart.Hidden to indicate null values. TestString1 111.2 TestString2 0.0 TestString3 0.0 TestString4 TestFloat4 400.25 1200.25 TestFloat2 200.25 1000.25 TestInt1 100 TestDateTime1 0.0 0.0 In the above example I have 8 series, with varying no. of points. I have null values as well as zero. I do not want to plot the nul
  3. I am setting the chart.Titles[0].Text = "something" The problem is that the text gets cut off on both ends if the text is too long.. I understand that currently there is no option to wrap text. I am looking at inserting a new line every time the title goes beyond. For this I need to find the plot area, or the length available for displaying the title. Looking forward to a response Please.
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    Chart Title

    Can ChartFX please reply back to this problem.... We are stuck with this issue.... Please
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    Chart Title

    I am setting the chart.Titles[0].Text = "something" The problem is that the text gets cut off on both ends if the text is too long.. How can I get over this problem?? Is there something like a wrap text option available? Thanks.
  6. Hi, I am trying to plot TimeSpan values in a Pareto chart. The Timespan values are all integers i.e., representing the TimeSpan in minutes. The application allows the user to select a custom format to display a duration value, which can either be hh:mm:ss or minutes, seconds etc. What we have currently done, set the following properties for Y axis AxisY.DataFormat.Format = AxisFormat.Number; AxisY.DataFormat.Decimals = 0; AxisY.LabelsFormat.Decimals = 0; AxisY.LabelsFormat.Format = AxisFormat.Number;The problem I am currently facing is that the numbers are not displayed in the right f
  7. Thanks a lot...It works... i was of the idea, that since we are plotting an X value...the axis must be X....Thanks again !!!!
  8. Hello, I am trying to draw constant vertical lines on a Gantt chart, which has a DateTime X-Axis. I have set the ConstantLine.Value to DateTime .Now.ToOADate(); ConstantLine fBS= chart.ConstantLines[0]; fBS.Value = DateTime.Now.ToOADate();fBS.Axis = AxisItem.X; fBS.Color = Color.Red;fBS.Text = "test"; fBS.ShowLine = true; It does'nt seem to be working as I am not able to see that on my Gantt chart. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. I am using ChartFX bar graph and having the following issues. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 1) The bar graph is all fine when all values are positive. You change values on my application the graph automatically scales and all is fine. 2) If any one of the values is negative, nothing comes up on the graph, which I guess is because the Max and the Min values will be set to the samething, and hence no graph. To overcome this issue, I set the ForceZero property of the Yaxis to false. It worked fine to start off... The graph was now getting displayed. But, my chart has multiple pa
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