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  1. I need to transfer my ChartFX license from my old machine to a new one. But when I try to uninstall I get this error: Cannot read Install FX log file 'C:\Program Files\ChartFX for NET 6.2\ChartFXNet62.ifx' Any suggestions?
  2. I was able to solve the one problem by doing a .RecalcScale() after passing the data. But the other problem remains where if I set a Max on the y-axis scale then the bars are not scaled to the y-axis correctly. This is less of a problem for me than the first issue but if I can duplicate it in a sample I will post it.
  3. We are still currently using the old 6.0.908 version. Stacked bar charts seem to have big problems with y-axis scaling. This can even be duplicated by simply adding a new chart onto a form and setting the y-axis's Max property. Assuming this is a known issue, is there a later 6.0 version that fixes it? We don't want to move to 6.2 yet as we tried it once and there seemed to be issues and did not want to have to change code at that time. If this is NOT a known issue let me know that and I will follow up with more information. Thanks.
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