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  1. I am curious if this property/method could actually be used. It is listed in the help, but with no sample. Looking through the headers I can see a method to GET pointlablesoffset which returns a _ExternalPointPtr which has X and Y values, but setting these values do not seem to have any kind of effect. Here is what I have done: Cfx62::_ExternalPointPtr test = m_chartPtr->GetPointLabelOffset(); test->X = 50; test->Y = 100; From here I do not know what to do. Neither of these changes seem to take effect and I don't see any kind of SetPointLabelOffset() me
  2. I noticed certain behavior and am not sure if this is a bug or if this is standard behavior and if so how can I modify it. For scatter plot series when I show the series in a legend box the marker shape( in the legend box ) doesn't seem to reflect the actual size of the marker shapes in the actual chart. The markers are ALWAYS the same size for scatter plot series, actually ANY series. If I turn on markers for say a Line plot the markers always stay the same size until I modify the WEIGHT of the line in question. But even then the size of the markers do not necessarily reflect the actua
  3. Just curious if this is how it is supposed to behave, but from what I am seeing this is kind of a pre notification event as in it is letting you know that something WILL be changed as opposed to the fact that something HAS changed. Is this how it is supposed to be? For example I added this event to the CStaticDialog class in the CfxCS62TestMfc project that I have as a sample as follows By the way am I using the appropriate DISPID for ChangedByUser? //declare event ON_EVENT( CStaticDialog, IDC_CHART1, 16, OnChangedByUser, VTS_DISPATCH, VTS_DISPATCH ) void CStaticDialog:
  4. I was wondering if there was any kind of samples on how I can make use of Events in version 6.2. I saw stuff for the old version we had ( 5.5 I think ) and looking through some of the library files I see a _ChartEvents interface defined, but not 100% sure how I should be using it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks -Mac
  5. I was wondering if there was a way I could set individual pointlabels by hand or something to that effect. I know about the PointLabelMask property, but am not 100% satisfied with the control over the formatting. Here is an example: I set "Percent: %p%% Value: %v" for pointlabelmask and the # of decimal places for the axis is 2 What I WANT is "Percent: 85.64% Value: 250" (decimal for % and integer for valule ) What I GET is "Percent: 85.64% Value: 250.00" Is there a way to further control formatting for pointlabelmask or is there a way I can explicitly set the string mysel
  6. Was reading through the help and it said to contact support for help with making a custom color palette. Thought I would check here if anyone here knows what needs to be done for this?
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