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  1. Ah ha! CC_HIDE is what I was missing. Thanks very much.
  2. I don't see a ShowLine property for a Constant Line. Perhaps that was introduced in a later version...? The properties that I do see are: Axis Label LineColor LineStyle LineWidth Style Value
  3. I have a chart with two constant lines that I create with OpenDataEx COD_CONSTANTS 2I can clear both lines by using ClearData CD_CONSTANTLINESBut what if I want to clear just one line while leaving the other visible?I have tried setting the Value of one line to CHART_HIDDEN, but that makes the line appear at the bottom of the Y axis! I can set the value to -99999, which does hide the line, but I am uncomfortable with that "solution" since my real data might include -99999.Is there a clean way to clear/hide just one constant line? Also... Another question about a Constant Line: If I
  4. I would like to determine the width (in pixels) of a bar in a floating bar chart, which might be clustered with more than one series. I can learn about the top and bottom (and thus the height) of the bars with the ValueToPixel method. And I can determine the horizontal middle of the bar with PaintInfo CPI_MARKERTOPIXEL. But how can I learn the left and right edges of each bar? Is that possible? Thanks in advance for any help on this. /Rex Swain
  5. Use CTE_NOTITLESHADOW to turn off the 3D effect for Top Title
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